Look under the skin of a civilized man and you will find a barbarian.

They didn't offer me anything.

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It's time to play the joker.


I'm going to work with her.

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Redheads often have a pale complexion and freckles.

Both of them seem suspicious.

Not everyone agrees.

The situation almost got out of control.

I thought I would find you there.

Beauty without bounty avails naught.

Have you tried putting up an ad?

You have become a Tatoeba-addict.

Lorraine agreed to meet with Teruyuki.


He was not considered a strong leader.

I'm tired from lack of sleep.

Lorraine didn't come to the party.


Lebkuchen are a traditional German Christmas cookie.


I think it's going to be very hot today.


Only a Sith would appreciate the lack of compromise inherent in a prime number.

We're putting our furniture in storage for the summer.

That student lives in that room.

I couldn't keep my anger down.

You could start your own company.

Larry gave blood.

She's not as short as I am.

I am working on the car.

He has the ability to do the job.

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That wouldn't be fair.

I wonder if Molly will be busy tomorrow.

Check this translation with the original.


Turkeer still doesn't speak French very well.


I won't leave you alone with Tait.

Dorothy opened the oven and took out the cake.

The pressure is enormous.

This field has never been plowed.

Rolfe is unscrupulous.


Jan went back.

We should do away with this regulation.

Excluding Barack Obama, all US presidents were white.


The fuel level is below empty.


I'm afraid your watch is two minutes slow.

I don't really know that much about Moses.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.

My wife is definitely complicated!

My grandfather goes for a walk on fine days.

Sofia will be able to solve the problem.

Do you like your boss?

I hate man pages without examples.

Sri's mean.

My father may be sleeping.

How much are you selling a bag of apples for?


Look behind you!


Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

I'll live with the consequences.

They didn't win, did they?

I want a blue cake.

He cherished the memory of his dead wife.

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We don't have time to finish checking the figures now, but we can go over them after lunch.

It is worthwhile reading the novel.

Every culture has a dark side.

Massive stars are extremely hot.

Just remember that.

He was raised by his grandmother.

I'm so sick of all this.

It is rumoured that a spaceship has been seen near Shanghai.

It's pretty hot.

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You're dying, aren't you?


A bank was built to keep back the water of the river.

Let's make believe we have one million yen hand.

How do you know all of this, Walter?

You need to exercise more.

Betty has climbed the mountain three times.

I'm going out to get something to eat.

The floor is uneven.


She called me up very late last night.


I like all languages.

Were you feeling resistance?

Great! The coffee is hot.

I got out my knife.

Do you guys know her?

Don't breathe a word of what I've told you to anyone.

Mehrdad isn't guilty of murder.

Try to do it to the best of your abilities.

If I should be late getting home, please don't wait up for me.


I've seen Brooke at work.

I owe somebody something.

Florian likes soccer.

He smoked a cigar after lunch.

Tomas peeled the apple.

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Their hobby is fishing.

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Kyu did nothing illegal.

At the present time, he's in Boston.

I love him more than any other boy.


The river which flows through London is called the Thames.

You should not discriminate against people because of their sex.

Caroline clapped his hands happily.


The autumn is here.


Everything made Irvin laugh.


Climbing this mountain is very difficult.

She gave me a necktie which was completely to my liking.

Real and Vishal talked about everything under the sun.


Can you name the situations in which a supervisor should use a direct order?

Perry isn't suffering from an altered perception of reality. He's enjoying it.

I was born in Osaka, but I grew up in Tokyo.


We're all ready for that.


Overseas subsidiaries are putting out top-of the-line products.

I read it in the newspaper.

Niels realized Carl was expecting him to laugh, so he started laughing.

Dawson couldn't find a parking place.

You've been a great help.

Neptune has thirteen known moons.

If you stick around after class, I can help you with your essay.

Yesterday was Friday.

You're the worst basketball coach this team has ever had.

Please put your shirt on.

Will you be home for dinner?

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Let's toss up for it.


I had to get out of there.

She read an article.

What does Brian eat for a mid-afternoon snack?

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Moderate exercise will be of benefit to your health.

Beth has been accused of theft.

It is high time you went to bed.

If I could stay at a hotel near Akasaka and eat a delicious meal, I'd feel like a princess.

I'd like you to be my guest tonight.

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My watch is more accurate than yours.

We stop loving ourselves when no one loves us.

I can't watch.

Leif is happy.

They went inside.

Could I stay and help you?

I haven't told her yet.


I wasn't expecting to be back here again so soon.


He began to raise beef cattle.


Appropriate action is needed now.


It's green.


Do you have a mobile, Urs?


I met up with Daniele earlier today.


If there is no God, everything is permitted.

It looks like Pratapwant is getting tired.

It is a lot of fun picking various shells on the sands.

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I am afraid that you will get lost.

Is there a garden in front of the house?

Masanobu wouldn't give me any details.


Her constant complaints frustrated him deeply.

Sam got a raw deal when he was laid off just before his job would have become permanent.

I will shoot anyone who doubts my mercy.


He kissed me on the forehead.

The supply-demand balance is relaxing.

Jwahar thinks List is a little weird.

How many bags do you want to check?

I'm sorry. I don't have a lot of time.

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I told a joke.

Bring him here.

The government in Baghdad had fallen.